Andy Roddick applauds Andrey Rublev’s ‘refreshing’ personality

Andy Roddick applauds Andrey Rublev

Andy Roddick applauds Andrey Rublev’s ‘refreshing’ personality.

absolutely loves Rublev’s straight honesty.

Andy Roddick thinks Andrey Rublev’s personality is something “refreshing” to see in the game. Rublev, 25,

captured his first Masters title this past Sunday after beating Holger Rune 5-7 6-2 7-5 in the Monte Carlo final. In the third set,

Rune had a 4-1 lead and a break point to go up by a double break – but Rublev miraculously turned around the third set to win the match.

After the final, Rublev became very emotional during his speech and admitted that when Rune was on the brink of going up by a double break in the third set, he started thinking the final was over. “Every time he speaks, it is so raw and relatable.


I think we all put forward this false bravado a lot of times.

For our own protection, whatever it is. It just does not seem like he cares.

He just wants to tell us what he thinks. Then he goes from super professional, like, I will tell you what needs to happen.

What am I going to do after this? I still have to play next week. Once we have accepted that,

there is a professional thing. He goes, or maybe get a drunk,” Roddick said of Rublev on Tennis Channel.


Roddick: Refreshing to see someone like Rublev.

Rublev is very charismatic and honest as the Russian is never afraid to reveal his true feelings and thoughts.

Roddick, the 2003 US Open champion, absolutely loves what Rublev brings to the table.

The way he ebbs and flows during interviews

we are approaching this vacuum, the post-Roger-Serena era.

We do not know — we have seen the healthiest days of Rafael.

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Andy Roddick applauds Andrey Rublev’s ‘refreshing’ personality.

The more we can fill that vacuum with individual personalities that can create stardom, the better we are as a sport. This is great.

Every time he talks, I find myself laughing.

Andy Roddick applauds Andrey Rublev

It is refreshing to see someone who tells you that you know what, I did not have this overwhelming belief that when I am down by 4-1, it was my day.

Most of us think that it’s probably not going to work out and maybe something great will happen.

That is a more realistic day,” Roddick said.

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