Apple’s Leap into the World of AI Language Generation

In recent times, the tech industry has been buzzing with excitement over AI advancements and the rise of chatbots. While giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI have already showcased their latest language models, there has been one notable absence from the spotlight: Apple. However, it seems that the Cupertino-based company is not content with staying behind the scenes any longer.

Reports have surfaced suggesting that Apple is now making its foray into the realm of AI language generation. A recent internal event held at the company’s headquarters unveiled a clear focus on large language models and AI capabilities. Various teams, including those working on Siri, have been actively experimenting with “language-generating concepts” to enhance the capabilities of Apple’s iconic AI assistant.

For some time, users have voiced frustrations over Siri’s limitations in understanding diverse queries, particularly from individuals with different accents and speech patterns. While competitors like Alexa and Google Assistant have made significant strides in this area, Siri has faced challenges due to complex code and database-related issues.

John Burkey, a former Apple engineer who worked on Siri, shed light on the hurdles they encountered during the AI assistant’s development. Updating even basic features proved to be a time-consuming task, as Siri’s extensive word database required frequent rebuilding, sometimes taking up to six weeks for simple improvements.

Despite its relatively silent approach to AI in the past, Apple has already been incorporating AI-powered features into various products. From improved keyboard suggestions to advanced photography processing and facial recognition capabilities, Apple’s devices have benefited from AI integration. Nevertheless, chatbots have yet to take center stage in their offerings.


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The recent introduction of the “Siri Natural Language Generation” framework in tvOS 16.4 indicates a shift in Apple’s focus towards enhancing Siri’s language capabilities. While reports did not specify whether Apple is developing its own language models or considering adopting existing ones, it is evident that the company aims to explore AI advancements across diverse applications.

Apple's Leap into the World of AI Language Generation

Apple’s commitment to supporting artists and creators suggests that language models could be applied to enhance artistic endeavors as well. However, specific details regarding Apple’s AI endeavors have remained closely guarded. Earlier this year, the company’s offer of AI-powered narration services to authors hinted at their interest in generative AI.

With the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) just around the corner, all eyes are on Apple to unveil further insights into their AI journey. While chatbots may not have been at the forefront of their plans thus far, the increasing popularity of AI language models and the demand for seamless user interactions could very well drive Apple to embrace this technology more pro actively.

As major tech players continue to push the boundaries of AI, Apple’s entry into AI language generation holds the promise of a more dynamic and interactive user experience. As we eagerly await further updates, it’s evident that Apple is taking significant steps to harness the full potential of AI and integrate it into their ecosystem.

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