Efforts to Retain Shoprite in Kano Unveiled by Deputy Senate President

Amidst Shoprite’s planned exit from Kano, the Office of the Deputy President of the Senate, led by Senator Barau I Jibrin, has initiated strategic measures to address and potentially halt the departure of the retail giant from the state. The senator has taken steps to engage with Shoprite’s management this week, aiming to discuss the matter and explore potential resolutions.

Official Statement:

The official statement from the Deputy President of the Senate’s office underscores the significance of addressing this matter, recognizing it as a pure business issue. Despite the business nature of the concern, the office is committed to encouraging Shoprite to reconsider its decision and maintain its presence in Kano.

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Enormous Business Opportunities:

Senator Barau I Jibrin emphasized the vast business opportunities available in Kano, highlighting the city’s status as the commercial nerve center of northern Nigeria. In the context of actively seeking investors, the office is determined not to stand idly by and let Shoprite depart without exploring possibilities to retain the company in Kano.

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