“I’m your son, Cubana Chief Priest please come and carry me.” -19year old Boy Sobs

A 19year old boy is reaching out to renowned entrepreneur and socialite, Cubana Chief Priest, claiming to be his long-lost son. Expressing a desire to establish their biological relationship, the young man, named Emelin, intends to undergo a DNA test to ascertain the truth.

Emelin explains that numerous people have remarked on his striking resemblance to Cubana Chief Priest, which prompted him to delve deeper into his origins. The tipping point occurred recently when a fellow bus passenger drew parallels between their appearances. Faced with a lingering sense of uncertainty, Emelin yearns to uncover the truth concealed by his mother.

In an emotional plea, Emelin begs Cubana Chief Priest to acknowledge their potential connection and rescue him from his current struggles. Hoping for a resolution and a chance to be a part of his alleged father’s life, Emelin eagerly awaits a response.

See Photos of Both Emelin and Cubana Chief Priest:

Appeal to Cubana Chief Priest: Seeking Truth and Connection.
"I'm your son, Cunana Chief Priest of please come and carry me." -19year old Boy Sobs

"I'm your son, Cunana Chief Priest of please come and carry me." -19year old Boy Sobs

What’s your view about this?

For me I can see they truly look alike.

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