Nick Kyrgios confession about his Loss at Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios confession about his Loss at Wimbledon

After two weeks of action-packed Madness consisting of many happy and sad moments The Wimbledon Championship has come to a close with the men’s singles final at the all England Club on Sunday the 10th of July as you probably already know Novak Djokovic won his seventh Wimbledon title after defeating opponents Nick Kyrgios and since then the runner-up has had a lot of shocking things to say about his defeat let’s get into it.

Nick Kyrgios Confession

Nick Kyrgios confession about his Loss at Wimbledon

First up how did Kyrgios take the loss after beating Christian Garin in the quarters Kyrgios skipped straight through to the decider as Rafael Nadal pulled out of their scheduled semi’s matchup with injury While most players would be over the moon to land straight in the final the 27 year old explained that not getting a chance to play in the semi-finals was a bit of a disservice to him and the day off messed with his head making him even more anxious than before fast forward Nick competed in his first Grand Slam final at Wimbledon despite playing exceptionally well and having his best ever run the 27 year old came up short and was unable to defeat Djokovic after three hours the Serb secured a four-set thrilling Victory on the center courts and claimed his 21st Grand Slam title overtaking Roger Federer to tail Rafael Nadal for the all-time men’s record as Lincoln Park would say the Aussie star tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn’t even matter.

So of course it was quite natural to feel despondent after the loss in a post-match press conference the runner-up of the Championships was frequently seen trying to hide under his Red Cap but the pain in his eyes was as clear as day while one would think kyrgios was trying to stay guarded he did quite the opposite when the Aussie’s girlfriend Costeen Hatzi posted on Instagram she was super proud of him Nick replied with a heartfelt I love you but not without also admitting that he’s sad don’t we love a man who’s not afraid to show some emotion so what was discussed in the press conference while answering questions from reporters Kyrgios wasn’t shy to show off his vulnerable side and made some statements that left us feeling very sympathetic toward the young star during the raw press conference the low-spirited canvaran said that he did everything in his power to make sure he was ready for the games and doesn’t understand what more he could do to prove his commitment to the sport.

Nick said that he believed his time to make a grand slam final had passed him by years ago and he thought it was ridiculous that he’s even a Wimbledon finalist although he felt appreciative of the privileged position it wasn’t until he went up against Noel that he finally felt like he belonged talk about some serious imposter syndrome fans have often wondered what the Aussie star could achieve if his attitude matched his talent it was only after he went head to head with the Serbian legend that he realized how the trophy was very much attainable especially since he played quite a hell of a first set putting himself in a position to win but all ultimately it was djokovic’s composure that led to his victory which is something the world number 47 clearly lacked as he constantly lashed out at his player box for their apparent lack of energy as the match continued to turn more and more in djokovic’s favor.

This was not a comfortable sight for the crowd and viewers to watch and many including the tennis great Renee Stubbs took to social media to call him out for his abusive Behavior.

But what was the most startling confession made when discussing ahead of the week’s Atlanta open how his drive and belief in himself were impacted by the results and what they may mean for his future curios suggested that the loss may have been a blessing in disguise in extending the man’s tennis career. He admitted that had he beaten Djokovic and won a maiden Grand Slam title at Wimbledon the motivation to keep competing may not have been there anymore, he added that every player who picks up a tennis racket has the same dream to win Wimbledon. The biggest and most prestigious tennis title ever over he explained that he had a conversation with his team whom he told that had he won the finals, he would have reached the Pinnacle of his career and would have no idea what to do next, since what else is there really left to prove pointing out his age he said “I’m no longer a young gun like Sinner or Alcaraz who have come on tour recently and gone deep it slams.” rather for him getting to the point of playing for a grand slam has been a journey that’s taken him 10 long years.

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So it makes sense for him to say that his motivation levels for other tournaments would have definitely plummeted since his entire career was spent in preparation for this very moment and had he accomplished it he might have taken a break from tennis after all tennis players like himself grew up listening to How winning Wimbledon is the ultimate achievement so we really can’t blame him.

Next what did he share about his mental struggles well Nick explained that he’s truly happy to have gotten the opportunity to battle with the best and it’s really proven to him how sheer will and hard work can make anything possible he also described how the entire process leading up to the game took a serious toll on him and we got a glimpse of how his mental health has been doing throughout the tournament shedding light on the immense weight he’s been carrying on his shoulders given his reputation in the sport a brave Nick honestly admitted that while he was honored to be here he never felt good knowing that so many people were counting on him really put him under a lot of mental pressure every time he was out on the tennis court, it even left him having constant doubts about whether or not he was even worthy of being here he then added that social media just makes it all worse and he’s really had to struggle to block out all the negativity and opinions constantly being hurled at him.

He further explained that senior players will never understand what it’s like to go through this but he commended Federer Djokovic and the Nadal, champions for being able to deal with such immense public scrutiny but we’re happy to hear that he’s been in a much better headspace since playing the biggest match of his life in fact now that he’s officially lost the match he actually feels liberated he went as far as to say this is the best I felt in two weeks ,moving on what lessons did Nick learn from this experience all ups and downs in life come with some form of Enlightenment so let’s see what Kyrgios has taken away from his run at The Wimbledon final as he looks back on his Wimbledon run the Australian tennis star says his loss has taught him a valuable lesson about the extraordinary mental strength required to win a grand slam title he explained you can lose a Grand Slam in a day but you can’t win one expanding on that he described the championships as an uphill battle requiring you to repeat the same cycle of things for two weeks at your maximum potential and although sometimes you might not be feeling the best physically or mentally even if you’re sick or sleep deprived you just have to overcome these obstacles and keep moving on to the next match the Aussie says the experience has made him appreciate just how much mental fortitude his greatest rivals on the ATP Tour really possess, you just have to be a mental animal to win a grand slam. He said adding that Djokovic Federer and the doll have definitely gained his respect.

Lastly is kyrgios ready to move on from The Wimbledon heartbreak as they say not every loss means a defeat right well it seems that curios is ready to put his Wimbledon nightmare behind him Nick curios announced his return at the Atlanta opens alongside his fellow Aussie Boy Thanasi Kokkinakis. The Duo even went on to earn their first round win in the men’s doubles against Nicolas Mahut and Edouard roger vasselin oddly enough should the pair both win their first round singles matches they will also face each other in round two which would be a first of its kind matchup for the Australian Boys As for the chances of this very match Kyrgios is expected to win his qualifier while Kokkinakis is also being hailed as the favorite in his qualifier against the American competitor Andres Martin if both Aussies win their above mentioned matches they will go up against each other in the round of 16. isn’t that exciting what’s more is that Kyrgios will also feature in the Washington open later this year ahead of the Grand Slam where he will partner with the American Jack sock so as things sit right now it seems the star Aussie boy is ready to get up from his Wimbledon defeat and make his racket do the talking in the upcoming matches just like everyone else we would also love to see an exciting comeback by the Big K that’s a wrap for this article what do you think about his confession let us know in the comments below.




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