NITDA and US Consulate Collaborate to Foster Tech Development in Africa

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has joined forces with the US Consulate to support the upcoming Global Tech Africa summit. Organized by the Future Map Foundation and Ascend Studios Foundation, this tech-focused event aims to unite African and international stakeholders, unlock growth potential, and strengthen the tech ecosystem in Africa.

Several esteemed partners, including Business Sweden, Venture Garden Group, and RivExcel Health, are also actively involved in the summit scheduled to take place in Lagos on July 25. Moreover, following the initial summit, the GTA Conference will occur from November 17 to 20, further enriching the tech landscape.

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In a statement released by the event promoters, the Director General of NITDA, Inuwa Kashifu Abdullahi, emphasized the significant opportunities the GTA summit can bring to Africa, especially Nigeria. Acknowledging Nigeria’s instrumental role in driving African tech ecosystem growth, he highlighted the nation’s strong tech capabilities, innovation-driven spirit, and favorable legislative and policy environment.

Mr. Abdullahi further expressed his confidence in Nigeria’s potential to emerge as the leading digital technology hub on the continent. By leveraging its youthful and tech-savvy population, the country is poised to spearhead job creation and fuel economic growth throughout Africa, thereby illuminating the path to a prosperous digital future.

With this collaboration between NITDA and the US Consulate, the Global Tech Africa summit endeavors to catalyze technological advancements, facilitate networking opportunities, and propel Africa’s tech sector to new heights. By uniting industry experts, visionaries, and innovators, the event promises to shape a brighter future for Africa’s digital landscape.

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