Venus Williams Unveils Captivating Painted Portrait: A Timeless Tribute

Witness Venus Williams' enchanting painted portrait, a creation that captures her essence and legacy.

Renowned Canadian artist Anna Wayant, currently based in New York, recently unveiled a remarkable portrait of Venus Williams. Anna Wayant’s artistic brilliance has also earned the admiration of tennis star Maria Sharapova, as evidenced by their connection on Instagram. Venus herself visited the portrait, sharing a captivating snapshot of the artwork on her Instagram account.

Venus Williams Unveils Captivating Painted Portrait by Anna Wayant

Link to the post on Instagram


In response to the unveiling, Venus Williams eloquently captioned the photo with a sentiment that resonates deeply: “Now I will live forever.” This poignant statement reflects not only the timeless nature of art but also the enduring impact Venus has made on the world of tennis and beyond.

The question of whether Venus’ exquisite portrait will find its way to auction lingers in the air. Considering recent developments, including Serena and Venus Williams’ announcement of the “Holding Court” auction, such a possibility gains traction. The inaugural Holding Court auction garnered immense success, featuring the sale of three paintings and amassing an impressive $300,000. This collaborative effort with @joopiterofficial showcased previously unreleased works by the acclaimed artist @erniebarnesofficial, a figure celebrated by both the Williams family and the larger art community.

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The auction’s profound purpose extends beyond the world of art, as it strives to create a positive impact. By raising funds and providing vital resources, the auction serves as a beacon of support for those affected by violence in Compton and underserved communities across the nation. The Yetunde Price Resource Center, an embodiment of unity and community values, stands firmly as the driving force behind this initiative. Together with JOOPITER, the center seeks to uphold its pillars of unity and support for families and individuals in need.

The canvas of “Holding Court” remains open for global online bidding on, with the auction scheduled to conclude on Tuesday, August 1st, at 9 am PT. The auction’s offerings, each a masterpiece in its own right, pay tribute to the late artist Ernie Barnes, whose work continues to inspire and resonate with audiences around the world.

In summary, Venus Williams’ unveiling of her painted portrait by Anna Wayant is a poignant celebration of her enduring legacy. The convergence of art and purpose through the “Holding Court” auction underscores the Williams sisters’ commitment to making a positive difference in the world, both on and off the court.

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