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with great pleasure I  welcome each and every one of you to Databot.com.ng, a platform dedicated to exploring the fascinating world of AI, technology, and finance. Databot blog is here to educate, motivate, and assist you in becoming more, whether you are a professional or simply someone who is interested in the most recent advances.


We understand the importance of finance in our daily lives. So, we’ll be writing on finance & investment. Our goal is to share information’s and tools necessary to make informed decisions about money, to enable you achieve financial freedom and security in this present time.

VTU DataBot

VTU.Databot.com.ng: Your Automated Airtime & Data Vending Platform:

We also wish to let you know as added benefit, we have created on Databot a subdomain called: vtu.databot.com.ng, which serves as a data vending platform. This platform is designed to provide those in Nigeria, with seamless access to various data products and services. Whether you need mobile airtime, data bundles, or even electricity tokens, our platform offers a convenient and secure way to meet your data needs.

The 4 major mobile networks in Nigeria (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL & 9MOBILE) are available on the platform.

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Welcome aboard this exciting journey, and together, let’s embrace the future!

Remember, at Databot.com.ng, we believe that knowledge is power, and with the right information, you can do more and become more.

Thanks for joining us, we look forward to transformative journey with you!

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